Who am I?

Hi there! I’m Debbie Kauffman and I am thrilled to offer elite little puppies for sale from my country home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am a mommy of 4 beautiful children!

Each of my puppies is raised on love right here in the country with lots of room to romp and play. My passion is to better the breed and make sure i have a healthy, wonderful puppy for your family! I also have amazing and dedicated family that helps me with all the behind the scene work!

My specialty breeds are the loyal,dedicated, amazing,and family-friendly Lagotta Romagnolo’s, King Charles Cavaliers, Cavapoo’s and Min schnauzers who are so loved for their personality and smarts!  I just started this webpage and will be adding so much to it as I have time! Please contact me with any questions, and information on my upcoming litters.  I prefer your call or text me for more information and more questions! You will get a very quick response! I am so busy and forgot to check emails and messages from website as often as I should.  Phone 740 260 8214. I was from OH so my number comes up OH, but I located in fortwayne IN!